Best conditions for your fertility treatment

Artificial insemination is offered as a medical service by various clinics in Germany. However, it is not easy for non-doctors to judge to whom they should entrust their important concerns and which criteria make successful reproductive medicine possible in the first place. We will tell you the essential decision-making factors for fertility treatment and show you why you are in good hands at our clinic.

Comprehensive advice

We want you to feel that you are being reliably looked after by us at all times. That is why we not only accompany you on your way in an advisory capacity, but also stand by your side as an open and transparent partner right from the start. Learn more about how we work here. This way you are well informed right from the start.

Good pregnancy rates

The pregnancy rate is an important indication of how successful a fertility centre is. However, the pregnancy rate depends on many factors, including the age of the patients. In our clinic we achieve pleasing results in relation to several age groups.



A multidisciplinary team is at work for your desired child and your well-being: These include endocrinologists, reproductive doctors and biologists, gynaecological surgeons, human geneticists and psychologists, as well as specialists in other fields. We also cooperate with the MGC and FertiPROTEKT.


Quality Management

The higher the quality of our work, the greater the prospect of successful fertility treatment. That is why quality management is an important part of all our clinic processes. In order to meet our high standards in the long term, we undergo extensive voluntary external inspections several times a year.



Our fertility centre MVZ PAN Institute meets numerous examination standards and requirements. We have in particular the DAKKS accreditation, LGA certification, cleanroom certification, D.I.R. certification and Quadega certification.


State-of-the-art laboratory

We use only the latest and most reliable technology:  In this way, we ensure optimal conditions for embryonic development in the laboratory. This is an important aspect, because unfavourable laboratory conditions can actually reduce the probability of successful fertility treatment. 



Take a look at our fertility centre and meet some of our doctors and personnel. In our video you will get a first impression of who we are and how we work. 

Take the first step

Wherever the causes of involuntary childlessness lie - at our fertility centre MVZ PAN Institute we have all the resources to diagnose and treat them. This applies to both physical and psychological causes. Whoever visits us can be sure that we always act with the greatest care and commitment. The use of the latest scientific findings in the spirit of evidence-based medicine is a matter of course for us. Because the fulfilment of your desire to have a child is a real concern for us. However, you need to take the first step. 


Further improved embryo evaluation
and selection through the use of artificial intelligence 

To further increase the chances of pregnancy, we are in the process (01.2010) of establishing an artificial intelligence-based method for assessing and selecting the embryo suitable for transfer. This method is based on automatic image recognition to determine the cell division events that occur as the fertilised oocyte matures in the embryoscope. The data thereby obtained is evaluated by a highly complex algorithm that calculates the potential of the embryos individually. As the resulting pregnancy rates are incorporated into the algorithm, it is constantly learning and making better and better recommendations for selecting embryos to be transferred back into the uterine cavity. 



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