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1.Enquiry from the couple in the MVZ PAN Institute

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2.Can I do sport during IVF treatment? How much physical activity is allowed?

You can continue exercising during the stimulation phase. In the last days of stimulation treatment, the ovaries are enlarged. Exercise at that time could be rather uncomfortable. Take care of yourself and your body and adjust the amount and intensity of your workouts.

After puncture and embryo transfer, you should reduce your physical activity. Everyday activities such as walking, climbing stairs, shopping and cycling are allowed and do not reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. You should avoid sports that involve jumping, hopping or rapid twisting movements. Walking, strolling or swimming, for example, are suitable activities.

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3.Can I have sexual intercourse during stimulation for IVF?

Yes, you can. 

The last ejaculation should not be more than 5 days ago at the time of puncture. After administration of the trigger injection, please refrain from sexual intercourse.

4.Can I drink alcohol during IVF treatment, e.g. a glass of wine or champagne?

Do not drink alcohol during pregnancy. As long as you are not pregnant, i.e. until the embryo transfer, there is nothing to stop you enjoying a glass of wine or champagne.

5.Can I drink coffee or black tea during IVF treatment?

Pregnant women do not have to give up coffee for breakfast. Up to three cups of coffee per day are safe. However, it is important to keep track of the total amount of caffeine. Besides coffee, cola and black and green tea also contain caffeine. Energy drinks also often contain large amounts of caffeine. The same applies to the period of IVF treatment.

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6.Can I dye my hair during IVF treatment?

Yes, that's not a problem - you are allowed to dye your hair.

7.Can I go to the solarium during IVF treatment?

We advise against the solarium and direct sunbathing.

8.Can I bathe, shower or swim after embryo transfer?

There is nothing wrong with showering in your own bathtub, taking a not-too-hot bath or swimming at home in the days following the transfer.

9.Can I dye my hair when I'm pregnant?

There is no evidence that chemicals entering through the scalp could harm your child. However, as a precaution, refrain from colouring your hair with artificial agents for the first three months. In this case, you can use natural hair dyes that are not or barely absorbed through the scalp. Or use highlights as they have little contact with the scalp. 

There is nothing wrong with a perm from a health perspective. However, it may be that the hair during pregnancy reacts differently than usual.

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10.We have booked a holiday. Can I fly in early pregnancy after IVF?

In principle, there is nothing wrong with air travel. Please note, however, that complications can arise in early pregnancy that make check-up appointments necessary or prohibit air travel.