State-approved quality management 

Clinic processes that benefit your fertility treatment

Our aim is to fulfil a couple's desire to have a child in the best possible way – while avoiding risks and side effects as far as possible. The higher the quality of our work, the better we can serve this goal. That is why we have made consistent quality management an important part of all our clinic processes. In this context, we undergo extensive voluntary external audits several times a year. Specifically, the following are involved:


These are some of the factors that contribute to structural quality: Equipment, selection of personnel, modernity, continuous training of employees, selection of cooperation partners and suppliers, 24-hour security service and 24-hour availability 365 days a year.


Important aspects with regard to process quality are, for example, the best possible diagnosis and choice of treatment, effectiveness of procedures, length of waiting times, hygiene and emergency management.


For example, outcome quality is about continuous monitoring of success rates, broken down by doctors, laboratory personnel, culture media used, incubators and drugs, the best possible avoidance of side effects and risks and patient satisfaction.


With regard to the quality management system, for example, the process of continuous improvement as well as the adaptation to changing focal points of standards are relevant.

Numerous laws and regulations govern the German health care system for the benefit of the patient. This applies in particular to reproductive medicine.

Significant laws and regulations at the European, federal and state levels are:

  • European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR)
  • Embryo Protection Act (ESchG)
  • Transplantation Act (TPG)
  • German Medicines Act (AMG)
  • Fifth Book of the Social Security Code (SSC V)


Compliance with these laws and regulations is not possible without a functioning quality management system. However, our standards go far beyond the minimum required by law. We offer diagnostics and treatment of infertility at the highest international level. Success in reproductive medicine is measurable: National and international registry data, such as the German IVF Registry (D.I.R.), serve as a comparison or "benchmark". MVZ PAN Institut GmbH is regularly in the top group in these comparisons. Key performance indicators are determined, such as the pregnancy rate per embryo transfer in IVF or ICSI treatments.