What are the conditions for fertility treatment? 

Requirements, procedure, costs and legal basis

In addition to hormonal and surgical treatments, we can support you with two procedures: intrauterine insemination - i.e. artificial insemination using your partner's sperm or donor sperm - and in-vitro fertilisation (IVF/ICSI), which is the main focus of our work. Find out the parameters below. 

Criteria for fertility treatment 


  • Your uterus and at least one ovary are functional.
  • You can prove vaccination against rubella. 
  • You have been tested for HIV, HBS-AG, etc. 


  • You have sperm. This has been investigated and confirmed. The further course of treatment depends on the sperm quality. If it is very poor, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may be an option.
  • You have been tested for HIV, HBS-AG, etc. 


Fertility treatment procedure 

We advise and accompany you on your way to a desired child - and deal with you as an open, transparent partner right from the start. So you can be sure that you are well informed at all times. The initial consultation in conjunction with a medical check-up has proved particularly successful. In the initial consultation you will gain an impression and get to know us. At the same time, we clarify whether the criteria for treatment are fulfilled and whether it makes sense.



Call us to make an appointment. When you first come in for treatment, we will make an appointment for an informative phone consultation including taking a medical history.


We will call you to take your medical history. With the information you provide, we can refer you to the appropriate specialist and prepare your visit with us in the best possible way. If there are no objections to your treatment, we will make an appointment for your initial consultation with a medical examination. 


During the initial consultation we will address your concerns, check your documents and discuss the basic requirements for the treatment as well as any physical limitations (takes approx. 10 minutes). During the examination, blood samples are taken and, if necessary, the semen quality of the male patient is analysed. 


As soon as the results of the blood analysis and, if necessary, the semen analysis are available and there are no obstacles to treatment, your doctor will see you for a detailed consultation. The doctor will explain the medical options to you, ideally already identify the best treatment option for you and clarify any outstanding questions (takes approx. 30 minutes).


If you agree with the proposed treatment option and your questions are clarified, your fertility treatment can begin promptly. We will plan the next dates together and inform you about all details. The duration and extent of your treatment will depend on the procedure and the course of treatment. 


For patients who come to our office for preimplantation genetic diagnosis, the consultation and treatment process is slightly different. You can find more information here.


Fertility treatment costs 

The cost of fertility treatment depends largely on the procedure chosen, the number of treatment cycles and the medication required. It is accordingly not possible to give general cost figures. Reimbursement by health insurance companies and the payment of subsidies are also subject to differing regulations.

Rough guide values for orientation 

In-vitro fertilisation costs about 3,000 euros per cycle, about 1,500 euros in medication and 1,500 euros in medical costs. Since the probability of pregnancy per cycle is about 30%, three to four cycles are often necessary. This means that the total cost may well be 9,000 euros.

The costs for an insemination are about 200 euros for a spontaneous cycle or about 1,000 euros for an insemination with hormonal stimulation - without medication. Since the chances of success with insemination are about 10%, up to six treatments may be necessary. Quite a few couples who are unsuccessful with insemination subsequently try IVF. 

Reimbursement by health insurance companies 


Health insurance companies cover 50% of the costs of assisted reproduction (intrauterine insemination, IVF, IVF/ICSI) for up to three treatment cycles if the following conditions are met: Partners must be married and at least 25 years old. The woman must be under 40 years old, the man under 50 years old. You accordingly bear 50% of the costs yourself. You must submit a treatment plan in order to receive reimbursement confirmation. You will receive this from your treatment doctor after the indication has been made. 

Some health insurance companies also cover more than 50% of the costs or contribute to the costs if both partners are younger or slightly older than stated. Please clarify this with your health insurance company if necessary. 


For private patients as well as for self-payers, the scale of charges for doctors (SCD) applies. The PHI usually covers all costs on application - for both partners, irrespective of which health insurance company the partner is insured with. The precondition for this is a success rate of more than 15% per treatment. Marital status and age are irrelevant. 

Further details can be found in our patient information and the document Regulations on the assumption of costs or reimbursement of costs for fertility treatments (IVF and ICSI treatments).


If one partner has statutory insurance and the other has private insurance, the "causal agent pays" principle applies to the reimbursement of costs. Once the indication has been established, we will be happy to issue you with a certificate or an application for treatment.