Ideal conditions for the embryo

When an embryo initially develops in the laboratory rather than in the mother's body, this is an environment that may well cause stress to the embryo. This embryonic stress can affect the development of the embryo and should not be underestimated. Indeed, unfavourable laboratory conditions may reduce the likelihood of successful fertility treatment.

We are aware of this problem - and create the ideal conditions for embryonic development with state-of-the-art facilities and the best possible technology. 

Optimise laboratory conditions, minimise stress factors

Three stressors harm the embryo and affect the likelihood of successful treatment:

  • Excessive levels of pollutants in the air
  • Non-optimal oxygen content in the incubator 
  • Non-constant conditions in the period between fertilisation and transfer to the uterus

The conditions in our laboratory are excellent in order to protect the embryo: The air in the incubator has the ideal oxygen content (5%), pollutants are filtered out and incubation after fertilisation until transfer is problem-free.

1.Cleanroom air conditioning, Miri benchtop multi-room incubator and embryoscope+

With the most modern technology, we create the basis for truly ideal conditions. A certified cleanroom air conditioning system with dust and carbon filters, controlled humidity and temperature (TÜV) serves to guarantee clean air. 

The Miri Benchtop Multiroom Incubator creates the best possible conditions for cells at low oxygen levels prior to fertilisation. The embryoscope in turn ensures optimal incubation conditions after fertilisation. Our centre has been working with the world's first embryoscope since 2012. We have recently started using the successor model "Embryoscope+", which has only been on the market for a short time and is considered the best device in its class.

The embryoscope is a new method in reproductive medicine that has significantly improved pregnancy rates in IVF/ICSI. The embryoscope is an incubator with a special microscopic camera. In no other device are the embryos so well monitored and can develop under constant incubation conditions as protected as here.

2.The knowledge of experienced experts

In addition to the best laboratory conditions and first-class technical equipment, the experience of the doctors involved with the methodology and technology used is always important. 

Our doctors and personnel are all experts who have been working intensively on this subject for years. They have the appropriate certificates, receive regular training and can draw on a valuable wealth of experience thanks to numerous successful fertility treatments. All this has a positive effect on the quality of treatment.