First information in a pleasant environment

... and plenty of time for your questions 

The decision to undergo fertility treatment is not made overnight. In order for you to be able to prepare for your decision as well as possible, without obligation and in pleasant surroundings, we offer free patient information evenings here at the clinic at regular intervals. There you will have the opportunity to get to know our fertility clinic and get answers to your personal questions.

The information events are aimed at couples wishing to have children and interested parties who would like to learn more about the diagnostic and therapeutic options available in cases of unfulfilled desire to have children. During the on-site consultation, the team's doctors and biologists will also be available to answer any questions you may have. 

We are currently offering information evenings on three topics:

1.Involuntarily childless - possibilities of modern reproductive medicine

Would you like to be informed without obligation about the diagnostic and therapeutic options for infertility? Then our information evening on this topic is just the thing for you. Take the opportunity to get to know the clinic and our specialists - whether you come alone or bring your partner is up to you.

Get an impression and discuss with our experienced MVZ doctors everything that concerns you with regard to fertility treatment. 

Important: This information evening regularly meets with great interest. We accordingly recommend that you reserve a place early. Please call us at +49 221 2776-100 or use our online registration form on this page. freezing - the chance of a later pregnancy

With the advancement of medicine, the topic of social freezing is also increasingly coming into focus. In simple terms, this method allows women to preserve their oocytes and thereby ensure their fertility at a later stage in life. Because at the time of good fertility, women are often firmly anchored in their careers – or still looking for a suitable partner.

In the social freezing process, the oocytes are removed and safely stored here in liquid nitrogen at minus 196 degrees Celsius. If necessary, the oocytes can be thawed, fertilised in the laboratory and used again years later so that pregnancy can occur. You will receive much more information on this topic on site.

Please register in advance for this information evening. Please call us at +49 221 2776-100 or use our online registration form on this page.

3.Preimplantation diagnostics - hope for a healthy child

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) gives couples the hope of giving birth to a healthy child – even if there are known genetic disorders or if serious health problems are expected in the baby. Thanks to the PGD approval, we are one of the first centres in Germany that can have embryos from artificial insemination examined by means of PGD.

At this patient information evening, a specialist from the MVZ will explain the details of the procedure, talk about the cooperation with the MGC Munich and of course be available to answer your questions. 

Please register in advance for this information evening. Please call us at +49 221 2776-100 or use our online registration form on this page.

Coronavirus: All open evenings are cancelled until further notice due to the current situation.


Not sure if our open evening is right for you? Take a look at our short video. In it, Dr. Mirko Dannhof, specialist in gynaecology, gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine and member of our MVZ specialist team, reveals why he clearly recommends this event and what positive feedback he has received from visitors.