Maximum safety around fertility treatment

Our fertility centre MVZ PAN Institute meets various examination standards and requirements. We would like to show you briefly here what these are in detail.

FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT awards our doctors
This year, the doctors at our PAN clinic were also awarded the FOCUS seal of recommendation for doctors from the region. At the beginning of each summer, FOCUS-GESUNDHEIT magazine publishes the corresponding seal category. The award is based, in particular, on the recommendation of medical colleagues, the recommendation of patients and publications by the doctor.

Further information about the seal


LGA CERTIFICATION LGA InterCert Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH confirms that the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard are met by MVZ PAN Institut GmbH, Zeppelinstr. 1, 50667 Cologne. Details can be found in the certificate. Certificate of Deed Registration No.: 01 100 1301010: Zertifikat  

The German IVF Register confirms the participation of the MVZ PAN Institute in quality control.


QuaDeGA GmbH has been appointed by the German Medical Association as a reference institute for ejaculate analyses. QuaDeGA confirms the successful participation of the MVZ PAN Institute in the QuaDeGA ring trial in spermatology.


The MVZ PAN Institute is a certified member of FertiPROTEKT, the network for fertility-protective measures.


The Endometriosis Centre of the MVZ PAN Institute is certified as a Clinical Endometriosis Centre. The certificate is awarded by the Endometriosis Research Foundation, the European Endometriosis League and the Endometriosis Association Germany.


EPH GmbH confirms that the cleanroom facilities of MVZ PAN Institut GmbH, Zeppelinstr. 1, 50667 Cologne meet the requirements of the standard DIN EN ISO 14644 Part 1. Details can be found in the certificate or in the certificate annex:  Certificate 


The MVZ PAN Institute is recognised by the North Rhine Medical Association as a further training centre for the specialist field of gynaecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine in its entirety (3 years) and for further training in gynaecology and obstetrics (1 year).


Permission according to the Medical Products Law
The MVZ PAN Institute has the permission to remove, process, preserve, test and store tissue according to the Medical Products Law §20b/§20c.