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Focus Physicians' List in 2014

The Chief Physician of the PAN Klinik, Dr. Stefan Palm again belonged to the top physicians in endocrinology and reproductive medicine in Germany: This is confirmed by the Physicians' List 2014 by the news magazine Focus.

Editors researched private practitioners, chief and assistant physicians for the Focus Physicians' List. The question "Who would you go to for treatment," was the primary focus. The experiences of patients were included in the evaluation as were scientific activities and publications in professional journals.
July 2013:
Certification as a clinical endometriosis centre

We are pleased to have received the Level II Clinical Endometriosis Centre certification from the Stiftung Endometriose Forschung [Foundation of Endometriosis Research], die Europäische Endometriose Liga [European Endometriosis League] and die Endometriose-Vereinigug Deutschland e.V. [Endometriosis Association Germany].

The award verifies that we have extensive medical expertise and meet strict criteria, guidelines and procedures related to the diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. Privatdozent Dr. Dolores Foth essentially supervises this focus.
(month?) 2013:
Top marks for the andrological laboratory of the MVZ PAN Institute - the results of the QuaDeGa interlaboratory test prove it

Twice a year, our laboratory takes part in a round robin test "Quality Control of the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Andrologie (QuaDeGa) [German Society of Andrology]". The result (252 kB) of the first run in 2013 proves once again: our andrological laboratory functions extremely accurately.

Quality assurance is a very critical point in the creation of a semen analysis. Because no standards can be used in the sperm analysis - meaning the assessment of the concentration, mobility and morphology - the results are dependent on the subjective examination of the person being examined. When QuaDeGa interlaboratory comparison trials, the spermiograms from various institutions and practices are compared which were created by the participants based on two submitted sperm samples.

From the results of all participants, the median value for each parameter is created and a target window created. Each participating laboratory receives graphics representing this target window and the results of all laboratories as points. Your own value is highlighted in a different colour. At the same time the results are also evaluated using a ranking system from 1 to 4, wherein rank 1 usanzeigtaussagt?? shows that the values ​​of both submitted samples were correctly determined. As from our laboratory. Our andrological laboratory was evaluated in the current quality assurance with rank 1.
September 2012
Increased chance of pregnancy with reduced number of treatments thanks to a new embryoscope

The embryoscope is an incubator with a special microscopic camera that takes 7-8 images every 20 minutes of each embryo so that the embryos can be examined continuously in their growth. This enables the identification of the best embryo for transfer even better than before. Read more!
January 2012
Approval as training centre

We again received approval to carry out complete advanced training in Gynaecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine (3 years) for specialists in Gynaecology by the Medical Association of North Rhine.