Coronavirus: NEW

Dear patients,

Many of you are wondering if COVID-19 vaccination is the right decision if you are pregnant or want to have a baby. We are pleased to provide you with the following information and hope that it will be of some help to you.

Your MVZ PAN Institute

Info sheet COVID-19 vaccination of pregnant women and women of childbearing age

Dear patients,

from 25.01.2021 entering public transport, shops and doctors' surgeries is only allowed with medical masks. These include:

  • OP masks
  • Masks of the standards KN95/N95
  • FFP2 masks

Please make sure that you always wear a medical mask when entering the PAN Clinic and our practice. With these hygiene measures you protect yourself and also our employees.

Many thanks.

Your team of the MVZ PAN Institute

Dear patients and visitors, 

Our fertility centre treats several thousand couples every year and in many cases helps them to have a healthy child. 

In this way, we are fulfilling a wish that couples have often harboured for a long time. At the same time, however, we take our healthcare mission very seriously and want you to know, especially in times of crisis, that we are still here for you.We have taken precautions to ensure that the reception, waiting rooms and all other clinic areas are safe places for you to be. We guarantee the highest possible standard of hygiene with maximum effort:

  • Completion of a Corona patient questionnaire
  • One-time entry into the practice area
  • Plexiglas screens at the reception desk
  • Both employees and patients receive mouth-to-nose protection
  • Regular disinfection
  • Marking and observance of the distance rule
  • Wearing disposable gloves that are changed regularly
  • Putting on a protective visor when taking blood samples

Based on previous experience, we assume that compared to other viral infections, there is no raised risk of pregnancy in the case of a possible infection with Coronavirus Covid 19. There is no information that the expected child can be infected with the virus during pregnancy. This also corresponds to the confirmed, current recommendations of the German company for Gynaecology and Obstetrics:

In order to cope with the regularly changing direct patient contact and the associated risk of infection, we have introduced additional measures in recent weeks:

  • In addition to the elaborate protective measures already in place, all patients are tested for Covid-19 (PCR) prior to surgical treatment.
  • In addition, an examination of all doctors and employees is performed at regular intervals or in the event of clinical suspicion. In this way, we also comply with the recommendations of the Federal Ministry of Health and ensure a high level of safety for the patients who are cared for in the PAN Clinic and the associated specialist departments.

How we protect our patients and ourselves at the MVZ PAN Institute

Below are some tips on what you can do to provide the best possible care for yourself and also for other patients:  

Please do NOTcomeduring office hours, if 

  • you have a fever or feel sick
  • you have had contact with people with confirmed Covid in the last 14 days.

Instead, contact us immediately on: 0221-2776 159 - we will help you and look for a solution together.

  • Some appointments must be held on site, while others can be held by telephone or video conference, for example. We try to use this option as often as possible.
  • Only if you have had documented contact with Corona or Influenza infected individuals, please call and reschedule your appointment. 
  • Do not cancel an appointment or procedure without a reason. Assume that our functional areas are the safest place in your city. 
  • When you come for examination/treatment, please have your companions wait outside the surgery.Please do not bring children. 
  • We try to keep the time we spend in the practice rooms to a minimum. Help us reduce the number of contacts as much as possible. 
  • Regular hygiene measures by our employees are important in order to break the chains of infection. Mouth protection and gloves as well as regular surface disinfection are primarily for your safety. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly – before and also after visiting the doctor – to protect yourself and others. You are also welcome to use our disinfection dispensers on each floor directly at the elevator. 
  • Please remember the cough and sneeze etiquette (inner elbow/handkerchief). 
  • Use only disposable wipes when necessary. 
  • Consult your doctor or the personnel if you are unsure. 


Thank you for your support. By doing so, you will help fight the spread of the Coronavirus.

We are and remain your contact for your health in good times, but also in difficult times. You can count on that.

Your fertility team of the MVZ PAN Institute