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Hi team, I have now had 3x ivf and now again a break. Even now I am struggling with the after effects again. I have severe skin problems, i.e. extremely dry skin, wrinkles, tightness, etc. I have already been to my family doctor and dermatologist. They said it was allergies, the skin problems always showed up in the 2nd trimester. ZH and subside after 3-4 months. I'm at the end of my tether. Could it be an allergy to the Synarela or 1st time Orgalutran, is there anything known or am I just over reacting to the downregulation? Thanks a lot


Hi, allergies to these drugs are rare. An allergy to Synarela or Orgalutran is suspected if allergic symptoms occur in direct connection with the application. After this time, a connection is unlikely. With best regards, PAN Team