Questions before treatment

"Symptoms" after IVF

Hi, I had my (first) IVF 5 days ago. The first days afterwards I always had a slight pressure in my lower abdomen, which has calmed down in the meantime. However, I have had a huge hunger or appetite for the past 3 days. I usually eat pretty normally. Meanwhile, sometimes more than my husband, which is completely out of character for me. I often have an appetite again (despite eating healthy, of course). Could this also be an "after effect" of the hormone injections designed to prepare the body for pregnancy? Or is that from the Utrogest 3x1? Due to the Christmas season, I didn't have my blood work until 12/29. So it will be some time before we have any certainty. Thank you very much indeed. With best regards


Hi, raised appetite is not typscih as a "side effect" of treatment, but can occur individually. Good luck.