Questions before treatment


Hi, I am 43 and a little overweight. I already have 3 kids and we want to try again with a baby. With the other pregnancies I always stimulated with menogon and then gv as planned. I respond pretty poorly to meds, have always injected 150 units of Menogon for a follicle. My doctor said that 2.5 mg of letrozole was enough and that taking 5 mg of letrozole wouldn't help anymore because I was still having episprudences. Can you explain to me why it is not better to take 5 mg of letrozole, then I might have more follicles or better ovulation. Or are there downsides to taking too much letrozole. Unfortunately, my doctor did not explain anything to me dZu. Thank you


Hi, we also recommend 2.5 mg dose as increasing the dose to letrozole does not improve the ovarian response and overall hormonal situation for SS Chance.