Questions before treatment

Is the transfer unsuccessful without piroxicam or how does it affect the pregnancy?

Hi, unfortunately I had to find out 1,5h before the transfer that I can't take the piroxicam before the transfer because I take a SSRI sertraline in the morning and I happened to read today before taking piroxicam that there are interactions (risk of stomach bleeding). I called the clinic and they said they would get back to me right away. The callback said to leave it out. Now I'm worried I've diminished my chances. Piroxicam is said to promote implantation, according to one study. Kiwi's package insert says it relaxes the uterus. Can I now assume that the transfer today won't result in pregnancy/implantation anyway, since I didn't take the piroxicam? LG.


Hi, even without piroxicam you have a good chance after a transfer. Good luck.