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Vibrating embryo culture

Viboviduct vibrating equipment for the set up of dynamic egg cell cultures.

The MVZ PAN Institute starts off using Viboviduct vibration equipment to create dynamic egg cell cultures. Clinical trials show a significant increase in the pregnancy rate.

In the natural environment of the fallopian tube the egg cells are in constant movement beginning with the ovulation. These vibrations are produced by peristaltic muscle contractions of the fallopian tubes and by microscopically small cilia, which are situated on the surface. In this way the embryo is being moved in a dynamic system during its development of the first five days. Toxing substances are being reduced and the medium is refreshed with nutrients. As a standard the embryo culture in the IVF therapy has been motionless so far – in a specific nutrient medium that simulates the environment of the fallopian tube.

Patients aged 30 - 39 years will particularly benefit.

Various studies have shown that a dynamic culture with movement of the embryos by micro-vibrations may have a positive effect. In detail they report:

  • a higher fertilization rate (Meyer 2012)
  • a better development of the embryos (Isaschenko 2010) and a higher rate of implantation and prengnancy rates (Isaschenko 2010, 2011, Meyer 2012, Danasouri 2013).

It is particularly interesting that expecially patients aged between 30 and 39 years have shown a significantly higher pregnancy rate with a dynamic culture (Meyer 2012).
Viboviduct 1500
These results have convinced us to get the appropriate vibrating equipment, so that we, the MVZ PAN Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, have the possibility to operate dynamic cultures. Using the Viboviducts enables the production of micro-vibrations under the controlled conditions of the incubator at certain intervals and of a defined frequency and intensity.