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Testicular biopsy TESE

Fulfilment of the desire to have a child despite lack of sperm in the ejaculate

TESE stands for testicular sperm extraction and means the extraction of sperm from testicular tissue prior to a planned ICSI therapy. Of course, the tissue removal is performed by a specialised urologist on our team. The operation occurs either simultaneously to the egg retrieval or - often better - prior to the planned ICSI therapy. The tissue sample and this retrieved sperm are frozen (cryopreserved), if necessary, to be able to use for more fertility treatments. A TESE is considered in the absence of sperm in the ejaculate.

What is the cause?

The tissue sample obtained during the TESE is subjected to a histologic diagnosis (histology). This clarifies why there were no or only very few sperm in the ejaculate or detects or excludes a disorder of the testicles. The combination of ICSI treatment with the TESE may make the fulfilment of the desire to have a child possible even where there are no sperm in the ejaculate.

All required disciplines under one roof

Such a complex treatment is possible only through the close cooperation of the Gynaecology and Urology. In many cases, consultation with an experienced human geneticist is also useful prior to the therapy. All these disciplines are coordinated under one roof giving you an optimal course of therapy.