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Senology and breast surgery

"Fertility Care" with tumour diseases/FertiPROTEKT *

Even before a pregnancy, a tumour disease could arise leading to a chemotherapeutic (after) treatment. This can lead to the destruction of the gametes in men and women. This requires precautionary cryopreservation of gametes or ovarian tissue immediately prior to therapy. While the freezing of sperm is technically easy for the man, the cryopreservation of egg cells or ovarian tissue (ovary transplant) requires a special customised approach which is adjusted to the disease.

A number of different tumour diseases can come into question here. Together with the attending physicians, biologists and psychologists of the PAN Institute, our senologist and oncologist, Prof. M. Breidenbach MD helps you to find the right approach.

In particular, the breast cancer is very often the focus here. No other part of the body is associated the symbolic sign of femininity as the female breast. It stands for sexual attractiveness and motherliness and plays an important role for female self-image and self-esteem. From the outside, the female breast is as individual as the woman to which it belongs. Unfortunately, it is at risk of disease like no other female body part - especially breast cancer. The aim of our practice for senology and breast surgery is to detect changes of the tissue through careful screening and diagnosis at an early stage and to successfully treat diseases with advanced technology and years of experience.

Range of services

  • Fertility care with onocological diseases (FertiPROTEKT*)
  • Individualised breast screening
  • High-resolution breast ultrasound
  • 3D/4D mammosonography (DEGUM)
  • Minimally invasive diagnostics (punch biopsy)
  • Breast surgery
  • Plastic and aesthetic breast surgery
  • MammaCare patients' school
Prof. Martina Breidenbach
Gynaecologist, Chief PhysicianSenology,


Centre for Senology and Breast Surgery

Curriculum Vitae:
  • Study of Medicine at the University of Cologne
  • Specialist training University Women's Hospital of Cologne, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA