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What is happening to my mind?

Involuntary childlessness/Infertility - a special psychological situation

The diagnosis of a fertility disorder first of all relates to physical factors. However, a couple who want a child and can't get pregnant naturally, are suddenly placed in a special psychological situation: A natural, existential desire is no longer feasible without medical help.

Coping with powerlessness, uncertainty and insecurity
This results in very different tasks for the mind. It must cope with feelings of helplessness, uncertainty and insecurity. But it must also look for solutions and possibly modify them over and over again. Each person manages this to a different degree. Many of those affected can see involuntary childlessness as a challenge and undergo the treatment with a positive mindset.

Mastering inner tension and restlessness, anxiety and depression levels
Other patients, however, experience infertility as a type of threat which can lead to symptoms such as inner tension and restlessness, anxiety and depression levels during the reproductive medical treatment. These symptoms can occur regardless of the success of the medical treatment. Both patients who can be helped to conceive a child, as well as patients whose infertility is unfortunately not treatable, can develop such symptoms.

We address the problems together with you!

Therefore, it is our mission to provide our patients with not only the best medical care, but also to professionally support them with psychological support. Why not take a moment to check your need for psychological care and find out whether you can benefit from our services:

Individual and couple discussions

We offer a "safe space" to discuss your problems. Just simply mention your personal concerns in the first phone call and the psychologist will seek solutions together with you.

in dialogue

We offer groups on the following topics: "Emotional and mental management of infertility", "Understanding and coping with a low mood" and "Men also need support."


We'll show you how you can relax with autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacoboson and find a more tranquil frame of mind and inner peace.