Willkommen im MVZ PAN Institut Welcome to MVZ PAN Insitute

Holistic treatment
at the highest level

At the MVZ PAN Institute, you are in experienced and successful hands with your wish for a child.

Whatever the causes of involuntary childlessness are - in the MVZ PAN Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, we have all the possibilities to diagnose and to treat them. Regardless of whether these are physical or psychological causes. Here, you can be sure that we always act with the utmost care and passion - and use the latest scientific knowledge and methods for evidence-based medicine. Because we want you to fulfil your desire to have your own children. Whether we succeed in this? We give it our best! But unfortunately we cannot promise it.

Diagnosis & Therapy

In women

In men
  • Special diagnostic ultrasound
  • Hormone diagnostics
  • Chromosome analysis
  • Molecular genetic studies
  • Drug therapy and hormone replacement
  • Spermiogram and functional tests
  • Auto-antibody test (MAR)
  • Varicocele surgery
  • Microsurgical refertilisation operations
  • Microsurgical extraction of sperm from the epididymis (MESA) and testicles (TESE)
  • Electroejaculation
  • Psychological counselling

Assisted Reproduction