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We are comparable to international rates

The pregnancy rates of the MVZ PAN Institute

The figures reward our commitment: With vitro fertilisation (IVF) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) IVF/ICSI, our pregnancy rate is two to three times as high as the relative age-related pregnancy rate in a natural cycle.
Cumulative pregnancy rates per embryo transfer (IVF/ICSI)
According to all quality management measures, we have been able to achieve pregnancy rates (IVF and IVF/ICSI) of just over 40% per first embryo transfer (% SS/ET) for all patients (orange line) since mid-2005. After 4 transfers, nearly 85% of all patients were pregnant (n = 4283).

The pregnancy rate is, of course, dependent on the age of the patients. In patients up to 30 years (light grey line), the pregnancy rate was at 50% per embryo transfer in the first attempt, after the second treatment about 70% of the patients were pregnant.

For women over 38 years (dark grey line), the pregnancy rate per embryo transfer was naturally lower (25-30%). However, even in these patients, an pregnancy expectation of 80% can be achieved with repeated trials.
With these results, we can compare ourselves with leading international reproductive medicine centres.
All cycles: The pregnancy (orange) and the birth rate (grey) refer (in %) to the number of performed embryo transfers, while the miscarriage rate (in %, light grey) refers to the number of pregnancies according to the usual clinical assessment.

Pregnancy and birth rates by age

The pregnancy rates shown were obtained after transfer of an average of 2.0 embryos on day 2 or 3 after egg retrieval. It is our goal to transfer a maximum of two embryos per transfer on day two or three after follicular puncture. In rare cases, for example, three embryos were transferred in women aged 38 years and older. With a more favourable prognosis, we only transferred one embryo in a number of cases. These decisions were discussed with the patient couples.

Quality pays off - for you

Since the granting of accreditation in mid-2005, we have consistently implemented elaborate quality management measures - and have been able to observe increasingly higher ratings of eggs at the pronuclear stage (PN) and the embryos. That is why, we statistically controlled, continuously investigated pregnancy rates per embryo transfer in about 7000 IVF and ICSI cycles together with the Institute of Statistics, Documentation and Epidemiology at the Cologne University Hospital (Prof. W. Lehmacher).

What affects the success of fertility treatment?

Age above all! It affects the pregnancy, miscarriage and birth rates statistically significant.

What are the pregnancy rates based on?

The therapeutic effectiveness of a centre can only be objectively assessed when the patient groups are comparable.

The journey abroad is worth it?

No! Learn why a fertility treatment abroad is not necessarily as promising as in Germany.

What to do about endometriosis?

It is benign but often painful. We support you holistically as a certified clinical endometriosis centre (Level II).