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Polar body diagnosis

Discover genetic abnormalities

Depending on the age of the woman, 20 to 70% of eggs show genetic abnormalities. The majority of these eggs or the embryos which develop from them, are not or only briefly viable.

The polar body diagnosis allows genetic testing of the extracted egg during an artificial insemination because there is an identical image of the chromosomes in the polar bodies. Prior to the union of the maternal and paternal pronuclei, polar bodies are extracted and genetically examined. A maldistribution (aneuploidy) of specific chromosomes can be identified using the polar body diagnosis.
Opening of the egg cell covering using laser

Disputed usage

However, even this method for increasing the efficiency (increase in the pregnancy rate, reduction in the rate of miscarriage) of the in vitro fertilisation with or without Intracytoplasmatic sperm injection (ICSI) is controversial. In addition, damage to the embryos or egg cells cannot be completely excluded. The complexity of this diagnosis and the given narrow time window require that even false positive or false negative results may be obtained.