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Ovarian stimulation therapy

Induce or improve egg maturation

To achieve this, a hormonal treatment and hormonal stimulation is often required (see too Medication. This is done with either tablets or injections which the woman herself can inject - after instruction – in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The effect of this hormonal therapy is monitored with ultrasound and hormonal determination in blood.
First half of the cycle (approx. days 1-14).
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) is the most important hormone in the stimulation of the ovaries and is used in all standard protocols of in vitro fertilisation.
  • Estradiol is a sex hormone and one of the most important natural oestrogens. As part of the menstrual cycle, oestrogens have a strong influence on the uterus. They stimulate the endometrium to grow and promote blood circulation.
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