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What can we do for you as physicians.

We analyse and treat endocrine disorders - and much more

The PAN endoLAB is available to any physician as a partner in the diagnosis and therapy. Even though our focus lies in the analysis and diagnosis of endocrine disorders, we can expand our range by working together with the MVZ Laboratory Medicine Cologne and Leverkusen according to your individual wishes.

Discover our range of services

All of the examinations and tests listed in the directory of services (177 kB) can be ordered from us. In addition, a variety of other tests are possible, but have not shown for reasons of clarity. Please come and talk to us if needed!

Tests/examinations which we do not so ourselves due to methodological or technical reasons, are labelled in this directory with a * in the findings with (FL). On request, we will inform you as the sender of the name and address of each respective external laboratory.

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