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What is an in vitro fertilisation (IVF)?

Fertilisation of the egg by sperm outside the body

In vitro fertilisation with the semen of the partner
In vitro fertilisation with donor sperm
Since the first "test-tube baby" in 1978, IVF has been continually developed and refined. In this process, the ovaries are hormonally stimulated by injections which you can give yourself so that multiple eggs mature. After triggering the ovulation, the eggs are retrieved immediately prior to ovulation under brief anaesthesia through the vagina and combined with the sperm of the husband in a nutrient solution outside of the body. We then transfer the fertilised eggs or embryos into the uterine cavity.

Treatment steps

Discover the steps of in vitro fertilisation - from the egg maturation up to artificial insemination.

Supplementary processes

Learn more about the medication and supplementary procedures – ICSI up to in vitro-maturation of eggs.

Opportunities & risks

Like any physical intervention, in vitro fertilisation is connected with opportunities and risks. Learn the details!