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What can I do to make my wish of having a child come true?

Please do not smoke

No one doubts the generally harmful effects of smoking nowadays. Smoking also has a detrimental effect on human fertility. More than 1,000 chemicals are contained in tobacco smoke - including aniline, cadmium, cotinine, carbon monoxide, dioxins and arsenic.

Pregnancy usually takes longer for smokers. And also with fertility treatment, the chance of becoming pregnant is reduced. In addition, the risk of miscarriage and insufficient development of the child is increased during pregnancy. Smokers also experience menopause sooner than non-smoking women. Since smoking in men leads to a decreased sperm motility, the use of tobacco should be avoided prior to the commencement of a fertility treatment.

Pay attention to your weight

Both underweight and overweight can negatively affect a woman's fertility. Around one in six German citizens is now overweight. The adipose tissue behaves as a hormone-producing organ. A fat content in the body of the woman which is too high therefore affects her cycle: Women who are overweight are more likely to have menstruation problems. Moreover, in addition to being overweight, there are elevated insulin levels. This has a direct influence on the function of the ovaries. An appropriate weight is therefore an important prerequisite for reproduction. Reducing existing overweight increases the chances of becoming pregnant - even as part of or prior to fertility therapy.

Today, to estimate body weight, the so-called "body mass index" (BMI) is calculated:
  • Body weight in kg = BMI Height (m) X Height (m)

Women should have a BMI value of between 20 and 25 using this formula. A value greater than 30 indicates severe obesity. Underweight can also affect fertility: These can range from cycle disturbances to failure of ovulation.

Take action against negative stress

In many situations, the person needs an increased motivation to act. This is triggered by stress through the release of certain hormones: The heart beats faster, brain and lungs are better supplied, the senses are sharpened. In itself this is not a bad thing. The problem only arises if this condition persists.

Stress is the symbol for strain/burden
The term stress was coined by the Austro-Canadian researcher Hans Selye to describe the reaction of people and animals to stress. Since then, this term has had quite a career. Stress has quite generally become a symbol of stress. Originally, the term was only meant to describe what happens in the body when it is under stress. "Stress" was thus initially a neutral expression. Selye originally used the word distress to describe the negative image that the term stress holds today. He called positive stress eustress because stress is not only negative.

Apparent negative impact on egg maturation and spear formation
Negative influences that cause tension, anxiety or anger leading to so-called distress. This harmful stress continues even during periods of rest and negatively influences life in the long run. Exhaustion, nervousness, sleep disturbances and other disease states may be the result. The influence of distress on egg maturation and sperm formation has long been the subject of scientific debate - a relationship between hormonal disturbances and reduced sperm production appears to exist. A panacea for the reduction or avoidance of distress does not exist. The causes are too different and each individual person is so different in personality and his way of responding to distress.

Professional help
If negative stress is burdening your life, you should seek professional help. You can develop effective strategies for how you deal with the stress in our therapeutic sessions. In addition to a therapy, yoga or other meditative methods, relaxation or breathing techniques can help.