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Why do we offer "Progressive muscle relaxation" (PMR)?

Today we are exposed to high demands especially in our work life and also in private life little time remains for relaxation leading to a permanently high level of tension. A continuously high level of tension without periods of relaxation will compromise performance and overall mental health. First signs of overload such as headache, fatigue, tension and weakened defences are often overlooked, underestimated or even suppressed. But especially at this stage, action should be taken because if the stress lasts permanently, the result can be serious diseases. People are able to cope with periods of severe stress if these alternate with phases of relaxation so that the basic tension level is located in the middle range which is beneficial to psychophysical health and performance.
The effectiveness of the PMR relaxation process has often been verified in studies e.g. in reducing hypertension, the strengthening of the immune system, improving muscle tension, concentration disorders, burn out, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, stress resistance and performance.
Venue:Conference room PAN Klinik (4th floor)
Course time:Wednesday 17:30-19:00
Course duration:8 units of 90 minutes
First class:13 August
Group size:maximum 12 participants
Instructor:Diplom Psychologist Andrea Gilles | Psychological psychotherapist
Registration:via e-mail or by phone at +49 (0) 221 2776 400
Costs:€120 (the PMR is a primary preventive measure according to § 20 SGB V by all statutory health insurance companies. This means the health insurance will reimburse up to 80% of the costs!)
Flyer:Download here (274 kB)