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A pure breeze is blowing In our cleanroom laboratory

It is Class 5 - and thus complies with the EU Directive

On 26 April 2006, the TÜV Rheinland confirmed that our reproductive medical laboratory areas (therapeutic andrology, IVF/ICSI, cryopreservation) correspond to the cleanroom Class 5 according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (cleanroom Class B according to EC-GMP).
This means that per cubic meter of air, there is not more than 3,520 particles > 0.5 microns are present - usually the surrounding air contains several millions of such particles per cubic meter that may affect the hygienic material. The working conditions now established represent a high degree of purity and meet the requirements as specified in the adopted 2004 EU Directive (EU Directive 2004/23/EC). In the immediate processing of the cells, the air which is already filtered is additionally cleaned (laminar flow, cleanroom class A, EC-GMP).

20 tons of cooling and filtering devices installed on the roof

For this large installations had to be done on the roof of Neumarkt-Galerie. A total of approximately 20 tons of supports, cooling and filtering devices had to be hoisted and installed on the roof. These devices ensure that the external air is sucked in and cleaned in multiple steps over a widespread filter system (approx. 15 m) for an approx. 17-fold air exchange.

Volatile toxic organic compounds (VOC) are separated vis the carbon filter during this cleaning. The air which is brought into the laboratories with controlled slight positive pressure (10 to 50 hPasc) is kept at a constant 24°C and 40% relative humidity. In the suspended ceilings, a lighter negative pressure is created by a suction device to additionally prevent the re-entry of contaminated air.

Clean-room conditions (ISO class 7, according to class C according to EC-GMP) were also created in the procedure area (embryo transfer, poss. follicular puncture). In addition, some aftercare (post-op?) and examination areas were air conditioned. This required extensive alterations on the roof, in the laboratories and an widespread pipeline and blower system in the suspended ceilings.

Significantly improved conditions for cells, patients and staff

We expect more favourable conditions for the cells in our care and better working conditions for our employees through an atmosphere which is low in germs and harmful substances as well as having constant temperature and humidity. Above all we hope for further improved pregnancy and birth rates for our patients.

Would you like to know the details? Then download the floor plan of our cleanroom laboratories (271 kB) with the drawn-in installations. You will also find the general plan of our clean room areas (83 kB) here.