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Why can't I father a child?

Causes may be impaired sperm maturation or problematic epididymis ducts

  • Impaired maturation

    Different factors can interfere with sperm maturation. In addition to a mumps infection during childhood, varicose veins in the testicles (varicocele), an undescended testicle, operated tumours or congenital causes, such as an abnormality of hereditary factors can lead to lower semen quality. Hormonal imbalance, stress and pollution as well as acute infections are other possible causes of reduced sperm quality.
  • Incorrectly formed or fused epididymis ducts

    In some men, even though enough moving sperm are produced, these cannot be ejaculated out of the body due to a blocked vas deferens. This may be caused by an incorrectly formed epididymis duct or adhesions on the ducts, e.g. due to inflammation. Diagnosis and treatment are carried out by specialised urologists.

We targetedly clarify the causes

If reduced sperm quality is identified in the ejaculate investigation in the fertility clinic, the possible causes should be clarified systematically. This is done by a urologist specialised in andrology. In some cases, a human genetic consultation and investigation may also be advised. The gynaecologist uses the gained information gained to plan the further fertility treatment with you.