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Blastocyst transfer

Identification of the embryos with the best implantation capability

Since around then end of the 1990s, it has been possible to cultivate embryos up to the fifth, sixth day after egg retrieval. An extended embryo culture is legally permissible in Germany.

The target of a prolonged period of observation is recognition of the further development potential of an embryo. This increases the chances for pregnancy and can reduce the number of transferred embryos. This leads to a lower risk of a high-numbered multiple pregnancy without reducing the overall probability of pregnancy.

For some time now but it has been possible to continuously observe embryos during their early development - so-called time-lapse video morphokinetics (see too embryoscope). The introduction of this technology now allows identification of the development potential of the embryo earlier and more reliably. According to this, a transfer of the embryo is already possible after just three days. Thus conceivable disadvantages of an extended embryo culture can also be avoided.