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Where can I find trusting and personal ear?

Gladly in our individual and couples discussions

Can I bring my partner?
Discussions can be done alone or as a couple. We recommend, at least for the first session, that you come together, so that the psychologist can get an overall impression of your situation.

How do I know if I need support?
Two factors are in play. For one, this offer is valid for patients who want a "protected space" to discuss their stress. On the other hand, the degree of your emotional stress is important. The more stressed you are, the more suitable this and no group offer is for you.

What issues will be discussed at the sessions?
To give you an idea of the possible topics that you might discuss alone or as a couple with the psychologist, we present three examples here:
  • Pregnant? Not pregnant? In addition to the involuntary childlessness itself, reproductive medical treatment also presents great challenges to you. You must deal with uncertain and uncontrollable situations again and again with patience. Everyone develops their own strategies to deal with this. It is often the case that men and women handle these situations differently which can lead to problems in the partnership. In the talks, the previously applied strategies are developed and possibly expanded. Another theme can be learning to appreciate the different handling of the current situation or better harmonisation to each other.
  • What would I actually tell the people near to me/family? The (in-laws) parents who want a grandchild, friends who are having children and colleagues wonder about the frequent physician's appointments. Perhaps people near to you wonder why "you don't just accept your infertility". These are all challenges that your environment could present to you. How have you usually reacted to such situations? How do you deal with it? If you need support with such thoughts, this could also be a possible topic of conversation.
  • How are we doing in our partnership? Involuntary childlessness can take up a lot of space in everyday life with the accompanying feelings like sadness, anger and fear. Sometimes the partners distance themselves from each other. Men sometimes feel helpless in dealing with the sadness of their wife. Women may not know how to deal with their partner's feelings of guilt. Sexuality can also change under treatment. Some couples experience less pleasure in their sex lives and have less and less desire. The psychological discussions should help you to discuss this openly with each other and together to develop solutions.
This is only a small selection of possible topics of conversation. Just simply mention your personal concerns in the first phone call and the psychologist will seek solutions together with you.
  • How does it work?

  • What are the financial options?