Willkommen im MVZ PAN Institut Welcome to MVZ PAN Insitute

Individual therapy
on an international level

You want nothing more than a child! In order to make the fulfilment of this wish possible, we specialise in fertility treatment at the MVZ PAN Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine. And since 1989. This focus as well as our passion for the diagnostics and treatment of involuntary childlessness create the best conditions for success:

  • You always benefit from the latest scientific findings and methods in the context of evidence-based medicine
  • You can enjoy a holistic diagnostic and treatment offer which takes into account all the factors of infertility: Body, mind and soul

Another plus of inestimable value: Here you will find all the necessary medical specialists and medical technology facilities under one roof - the roof of the PAN Klinik am Neumarkt with 65 physicians from more than 25 speciality areas which we belong to as the MVZ PAN Institute of Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine.

Our services

With accurate diagnostic methods, we track down the causes of infertility (hormone disorder, disorder of the fallopian tubes, etc.) and treat them specifically. As necessary, we will also support you with all the permissible methods of assisted reproduction wherein in vitro fertilisation (IVF) is the main focus of our work.

Our physicians

For your desire to have a child and your well-being, an interdisciplinary team of endocrinologists, reproductive health professionals, reproductive biologists, gynaecological surgeons, human geneticists and psychologists is ready to help you. If further specialist disciplines are required, we cooperate as a "clinic within the hospital" with the PAN Klinik physicians.


Involuntary childlessness represents a particular challenge. PAN mental is committed to accompanying you psychologically during the fertility treatment. We offer individual, couple and group discussions as well as relaxation training.


PAN Endocrinology checks to see whether if you have a hormone disorder as the cause of the infertility. Hormones have many functions in our bodies and often also play a role in infertility. Dr. Georg Mansmann is our expert in this field.


The PAN EndoLAB specialises in the study of hormonal imbalances. With modern analytical instruments and methods, all types of hormonal disorders can be clarified - also above and beyond the fertility treatment. Therefore, it is also active as a laboratory where colleagues from the medical community can send their samples.